Fund linked Accelerator Program to support Social Impact startups and innovators developing scalable enterprsies based on UN's Sustainable Development Goal, like Climate Change and Green Economy Domain.

ARE YOU ASocial Impact Startup

We look for local and national sustainable startups who are equally interested in business and impact!

We are seeking to onboard startups having an innovative and optimal solution for one of these problem statements listed.

  1. Innovative tourism products promoting sustainable/ responsible tourism (like Augmented Reality)
  1. ICT enabled system for assessing needs and mobilising resources
  2. Community Level Early Warning System in Landslide Prone areas of Project area
  1. Mitigating Human – Animal conflict for Human - Animal eco existence
  2. Wildlife Crime Intelligence Gathering System
  3. Technology solutions in census of wildlife, flora & fauna
  1. Design of a low cost and low energy solutions for recycling waste water
  1. Reliable Energy Access through Affordable Decentralized Micro Hydro solutions
  2. Transportation solutions using renewable energy sources suitable to mountain landscapes
  1. Solutions for developing alternative materials that could be recycled or composted
  2. Innovations solutions in collection of waste, segregating waste and managing waste
  3. Supply chain innovations to track source of products using block chain technology or similar interventions
  4. Innovative solutions for small scale farmers to convert their waste into domestic energy and biofertilizer needs
  1. Innovative entrepreneurship model in animal husbandry
  2. Solution for enhancing farm income for small scale farmers
  3. Better post-harvest loss management and value-added activities in a decentralized manner

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