Kerala StartUp Mission (KSUM) is launching an innovative program to encourage women graduates in Kerala to utilise their qualifications and talent to form single person enterprises or Nano startups.

This program is called Kerala Women in Nano-Start ups (K-WINS).

  • Nano Startups will support other startups and enterprises by fulfilling freelance assignments.
  • The projects are across various domains ranging from content creation, digital marketing, quality testing, art design, employee- engagement, hiring, etc.
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The last date to apply 26th July, 2020

Do not apply if you have already registered for K-WINS in January 2020


K-WINS aims to enable qualified women graduates (residing in Kerala), who are on a career break or not under full-time employment, to take up flexible freelance assignments.

The aim is to help such women engage in rewarding work experiences of the GIG economy.


Here’s what some freelancers have to say about their experience.

I had to quit my full-time job when I moved to Mumbai where I did not have anyone to take care of my daughter. So I decided to stay home and start Freelancing. Initial days were tough because I did not know where to start but once I met my first client, things were smooth. Working from home for the last 2 years allows me to take care of my daughter personally and travel as well as earn a decent amount every month

Chaitra Saxena

Domain: SEO Article Writing
After a great corporate career for 8+ years, I took a break for family reasons. I was a little clueless about where to pick up again but my passion for writing and Wittypen (Content Platform), with its constant flow of quality work, helped me revive my career without much hassle.
As a content writer, I decide my workload every day and that gives me the freedom to work at my own convenience. It has been a great experience…

Meenakshi S

Expertise in software, tech, healthcare, lifestyle, etc.


Nano startup is a single person enterprise formed to take up flexible freelance engagements.

Freelancers are people who work for themselves as against working for someone else or an organisation. They are self-employed and enter into specific agreements to complete specific tasks for which they are paid on completion.

No, it is not mandatory to register a Nano startup registration. However a startup is required to register with Govt of India if any one else is to be employed by the startup. Also registration as a limited liability partnership, partnership or private limited company is required to avail any benefit offered by Startup India.

You do not need to invest any capital to be a nano-startup under K-WINS. All you have to invest is your time, effort & skills in fulfilling the freelance assignments that you accept.

Yes, any woman graduate in Kerala who is not employed full-time/on a career break and is interested in becoming a freelance entrepreneur can apply to K-WINS.

The orientation will be held on 27th January 2020 at Cochin. It comprises of an orientation session on freelance entrepreneurship immediately followed by a workshop on technical writing. A sample article has to be submitted by the applicants within 2 days of the workshop. Based on the evaluation of this article, applicants will be shortlisted by tech enterprises and start ups registered with KSUM.

You can register for KWINS and attend the orientation program. You could also attend the workshop if you are inclined to technical writing. If you do not attend the workshop, you will be contacted for other assignments based on your qualifications and experience.

This program is for women who are currently not employed on a full-time basis. You are eligible if your current employment does not bar you from taking up freelance assignments.

This program is for women in Kerala who are graduates and are currently not under full-time employment/on a career break. You are welcome to apply if you meet these criteria.

No, this is not an employment program but a program to facilitate nanostartups in freelance projects. On successful completion of the program, KSUM will facilitate interaction with start ups & other entities towards freelance engagement. However KSUM does not guarantee engagement by any entity.

Start-ups looking for freelance resources usually have no location constraints if you meet their other requirements. The pilot consists of a one-day orientation program followed by writing workshop in Cochin. If you can attend the orientation program, you can apply.

On successful completion of the workshop and submitting an assignment that meets the required standards, start-ups/tech enterprises will contact you for freelance projects or assignments. The terms of payment will be intimated by the entity which engages you. Your income earning depends on how many assignments/projects you take up. KSUM has no role in the freelance assignments and the payment on completion of the contract.

KSUM is organising this orientation program which covers various facets of entrepreneurship and a workshop on technical writing. Only those applicants who complete the program & whose profiles meet the requirements of the enterprises will be contacted directly by the interested enterprises.

Details of applicants who complete the program will be made available to various enterprises associated with KSUM. Applicants will be contacted directly by those enterprises who require freelancers.

Applicants will have to use their own devices to work on the assignments. It would be advisable to carry laptops for the orientation program as well.

This program is for women graduates who have work experience & are on a career break. If you meet this criterion, you can bring the provisional degree certificate or marks sheets of all semesters. Please carry the original documents and a photocopy of each when you attend the workshop.
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This is a entreprenurship development program to set up skilled enterprises by qualified women. Selection for and completion of this program does not guarantee engagements/assignments or employment contracts of any kind.

Apply Now

The last date to apply 26th July, 2020

Do not apply if you have already registered for K-WINS in January 2020

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